Estate Planning and Probate


The attorneys at Price & Price have been providing legal services in the area of estate planning and probate since 1979. Proper estate planning and will administration impacts families now and for generations to come so our clients appreciate that they can depend on the depth of knowledge and expertise when creating and achieving their estate objectives. We are committed to providing hands-on guidance to our clients through probate and the management and disposition of estate assets as well as trust and estate administration and settlement, will contests, fiduciary liability actions, and other litigation relating to the estate and probate area.

There are three general objectives of estate planning: (1) to move assets from your estate to the estate of those persons you choose to inherit or otherwise receive your assets; (2) to avoid estate taxation; and (3) to accomplish these goals in such a way that after you are gone, your family remains a supportive family unit and members of your family are not estranged from each other as a result of the disposition of your assets. Under each of these general goals are numerous more specific ones, such as planning for the security of your loved ones, selecting guardians for minor children, selecting executors of your estate and trustees of any trusts, and establishing safeguards to allow for management of your property should you become incapacitated or disabled. The list is only limited by our clients’ specific goals and circumstances.

When you contact us for an appointment, we will forward you a Planning Questionnaire specific to your marital status. We encourage our clients to complete the questionnaire prior to our office conference. Not only does the questionnaire provide us with valuable information about you and your circumstances, but filling out the information will prompt questions you will want to ask during the initial conference. At this conference we will ask questions and listen to you carefully. Our goal is to analyze your assets, liabilities and your family dynamic. If warranted our staff will work with your accountants and financial advisers to attain the requisite information. This information together with your personal preferences, needs, and perspective and our legal expertise will form the foundation for estate planning recommendations that fully reflect your personal objectives. Various options and the legal expense associated with these options will be presented for your consideration. This information will equip you to make knowledgeable decisions about how to choose the planning tools which make provisions for you and your loved ones. The final decision always is yours — but with our counsel, you can rest assured you have received the advice necessary to confidently make the decisions which accomplish your planning goals.

Once you retain our firm we will draft your planning documentation including wills and/or trusts of all degrees of complexity, medical and financial powers of attorneys, directives to physicians, designation of guardians, and other planning documents as necessary. Drafts will be forwarded, giving you an opportunity to review your decisions and make requisite revisions to your plan. Once necessary changes are made, you will return to our offices for proper execution of your documents and further counsel relative to implementation of your plan.

Responsibilities that accompany the loss of a loved one are often burdensome, even overwhelming, to the survivors. We will compassionately guide you through fulfilling these duties in a professional and proficient manner. With our assistance and follow-through, all of the responsibilities of administering an estate will fall properly into place. Contact Price & Price for a consultation regarding a probate, estate or guardianship matter.


  • Wills
  • Planning for incapacity (powers of attorney and health care declarations)
  • Gifting techniques and strategies
  • Life insurance planning
  • Trust planning
  • Generation-skipping planning
  • Charitable giving and charitable entities
  • Succession planning for business owners (buy-sell agreements)
  • Family limited partnerships, limited liability companies and closely held businesses
  • Estate administration and probate
  • Litigation relating to all aspects of trust and estate disputes


A Guide To Probate and Estate Planning in Texas:

Overview of Common Probate, Estate and Guardianship Terms and Requirements


A simplified definition of probate is (1) accumulation of a Decedent’s assets; (2) payment of liabilities; and (3) distribution of the remaining assets to the Decedent’s heirs or, in the case of a will to those named in Decedent’s will.

Beneficiary Representation

Many times representation is necessary in the form of estate/trust beneficiaries to aid individuals in deciphering and protecting their interests in estates and trusts. Our attorneys also represent creditors of estates in matters relating to the enforcement of their claims.


Often times an individual involved in an probate case needs an attorney to establish or defend against a guardianship for one who is alleged to be incapacitated. We routinely represent court appointed guardians in all aspects of guardianship proceedings including preparation of inventories and accountings as well as applications to the court to carry out the duties imposed by the appointment as guardian. Gina A. Price has often been appointed by the courts to serve as a temporary guardian, temporary administrator, attorney ad litem, guardian ad litem, mediator and in other capacities relating to estates, trusts and guardianships, and can assist you in determining whether this is an appropriate option in your case.

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